Abrasive & Grinding

CNC Teeth Weed Grinder, Tobacco Grinder 50mm 4 Parts Black and Silver Color

Shenzhen Enjoylife Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Type:Angle Grinder
  • Power Source:Handshaking
  • Material:Metal
  • Working Style:Three-roll
  • Model No:Herb Grinder
  • Color:Silver, Black, Blue

Base Info

  • Model NO.:Tobacco Grinder
  • Layers:2 Parts, 3 Parts, 4 Parts
  • Diameter:40mm, 50mm, 56mm Are Available
  • Weight:144G
  • Shipping Method:Hkems, DHL, EMS, FedEx
  • Shipping Time:3-5 Days
  • Transport Package:Gift Package or OEM Package
  • Specification:CE ROHS
  • Trademark:enjoylife
  • Origin:China
  • HS Code:2001901090
  • Production Capacity:1000set One Day


EL Grinder             D=50mm    layers=3ELG 10-50US$3.49zinc alloy no moqELG 51-100US$3.29ELG 101-150US$3.09ELG 150+US$2.89EL Grinder             D=50mm    layers=4ELG 10-50US$4.49zinc alloy no moqELG 51-100US$4.29ELG 101-150US$4.09ELG 150+US$3.79D=40mm    layers=2 PH5900US$2.39zinc alloyD=40mm    layers=3PH5906US$2.59zinc alloyD=40mm    layers=4PH5915US$3.59zinc alloyD=40mm    layers=5PH5922US$4.07zinc alloyD=50mm    layers=2PH5901US$2.59zinc alloyD=50mm    layers=3PH5907US$2.89zinc alloyD=50mm    layers=4PH5916US$3.79zinc alloyD=50mm    layers=5PH5923US$4.48zinc alloyD=56mm    layers=2PH5902US$2.79zinc alloyD=56mm    layers=3PH5908US$3.39zinc alloyD=56mm    layers=4PH5917US$4.08zinc alloyD=56mm    layers=5PH5924US$4.68zinc alloyD=63mm    layers=2PH5903US$3.19zinc alloyD=63mm    layers=3PH5909US$3.99zinc alloyD=63mm    layers=4PH 5918US$4.58zinc alloyD=63mm    layers=5PH5925US$5.39zinc alloyD=75mm    layers=2OH5904US$3.79zinc alloyD=75mm    layers=3PH5910US$4.59zinc alloyD=75mm    layers=4PH5919US$5.49zinc alloyD=100mm    layers=3PH5911US$7.39zinc alloyD=100mm    layers=4PH5920US$10.09zinc alloyGear wheel- 2PH5913US$2.59zinc alloyGear wheel- 3PH5914US$2.89zinc alloyOutside DiameterTypeTriceMaterial and MOQD=30mm    layers=3AL300-3US$2.69Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=30mm    layers=4AL300-4US$3.09Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=30mm    layers=5AL300-5US$3.59Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=40mm                layers=2 AL400-2US$2.59Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=40mm                layers=3AL400-3US$3.09Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=40mm                layers=4AL400-4US$3.69Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=40mm                layers=5AL400-5US$4.29Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=50mm                layers=2 AL500-2US$3.19Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=50mm                layers=3 AL500-3US$3.59Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=50mm                layers=4AL500-4US$4.18Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=50mm                layers=5AL500-5US$4.68Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=63mm                layers=2 AL630-2US$3.76Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=63mm                layers=3AL630-3US$4.38Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=63mm                layers=4AL630-4US$4.88Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD=63mm                layers=5AL630-5US$5.58Outside of aluminum, with zinc in the teethD= 63mm    layers=3PH-59800US$5.68CNC gearD= 63mm   layers=4 PH-59801US$6.29CNC gear D= 63mm    layers=5PH-59802US$6.99CNC gear