Shandong Shengye Grinding Ball Co., Ltd.

Our company is specialized in the production, sales and research grinding steel balls, grinding steel rods. Founded in 2000, after continuous development and growth, has became a professional factory with area of 20000 square meters and annual output of 15000 tons.

95% products export more than 30 countries, customers are mainly concentrated in South America, Africa and South East Asia′s mines, cement plants and fire power plants.

We adopted the advanced foreign production technology, coupled with our nearly 20 years of production experience, so that our products have been leading level in the world. Our grinding steel balls have the advantages of more even hardness, rubbing endurance, corrosion resistance, unbreakable and roundness persistence, can save cost and improve efficiency for customers.

At the same time, our company is equipped with advanced testing equipment and professional testing personnel, rely on the perfect detection system to ensure that every batch of products can be traced back. We also set up files for customers, regular tracking, to provide comprehensive after-sales service for customers to solve worries.

Now we are still further expand the scale of our production, research and development of more advanced production technology, better products, to provide better service to our customers.

Because accurate, so professional, so we are the best grinding ball supplier in the world.
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