Jia County Yihong Abrasives Co., Ltd.

Jia county Yihong Abrasives Co., Ltd was founded in 2000, the initial name of the factory was Jia County Shuguang Special-shaped Grinding Wheel Factory. Starting this year, with flap wheel, flap disc and flap wheel with shank put into production, Yihong began the development process of abrasive production

As one of the top abrasive companies in China, Yihong has over 20 years of experience in developing advanced materials and innovating products performance.

In 2009, the company was renamed Jia County Yihong Abarsives Co., Ltd. In 2014, Yihong Foreign Trade Department was established, and exported fiberglass backing plate, flap disc and flap wheel to foreign countries. In November, 2016, Yihong subsidiary company --- Sanders Abrasives Company was established due to a large number of foreign business of abrasives and domestic demand. In combination with the actual situation of the market and the factory, all production business of the factory were specialized and segmented to achieve the most efficient and best quality production mode.

In 2018, after one year development and research along with BOSCH company, mass production for X-LOCK fiberglass backing plate started successfully. This year, our company′s sales of labelled fiberglass backing pads and flap discs reached the highest level. In 2020, Our company introduced tunnel furnace, heating efficiency greatly improved, so that the fiberglass backing plate daily capacity reached 300, 000 pieces, to meet the require of customers and market.

Through the last ten years of step by step improving, Yihong has become a worldwide leading manufacturer of abrasives, and now is a major supplier to most of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the world. Most of the products are for the export market.

Yihong mainly focuses on fiberglass backing plate, flap discs, flap wheel, abrasive belt and other abrasives. According to the different demands of customers, our company provides products of different sizes and materials. We have rich production experience, so we can provide more suitable products and services. If customers have special requirements, we can also produce products according to their needs.

In 2018, Yihong and BOSCH entered into a partnership and manufactured X-LOCK together. It is used for production of X-LOCK flap disc, which will be fixed on BOSCH X-LOCK angle grinders. Just one click implement loading and unloading, which is more convenient, comprehensive and reliable.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, precise production engineering, and effective quality control system assure all of our products exactly meet the designed specifications and satisfy the customer′s requirements.

Quality has always been our pursuit, so Yihong has been constantly developing and innovating. In addition, Yihong has always put health and sociel responsibility in a very important position. In 2018, the company obtained the occupational Health and safety Management system certification and the environmental management system certificate. Yihong always protects workers′ health, enhances employees′ awareness of production safety, and ensures production safety. At the same time, Yihong actively undertakes social responsibilities, it also lists the protection of the natural environment as the company′s development goal, and adheres to the road of green development.

In the future, Yihong will continue to be committed to the production and manufacturing of abrasive tools, to provide customers with safe and efficient abrasive products. In addition, Yihong will also develop and abrasive parts related to the sale Jia County Yihong Abrasives Co., Ltd is faithfully willing to be your long-term partner, and is waiting for the mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation between you and us.
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