Dengfeng Sweet Abrasives Co., Ltd.

Dengfeng Sweet Abrasives Co., Ltd, Specializing in the production and processing of brown corundum white corundum black steel. Silicon carbide, garnet walnut shell and other abrasive products. At present, our products in domestic and foreign markets with strong competitiveness, the products are widely used in polishing, sandblasting, refractories, abrasive products and other industries. And exports reached more than 60%.

Also, we have a 35% stake in ningxia Dehui Carbon plant. Use Ningxia high quality anthracite and quartz sand as raw materials, production of various types of carbon products, including activated carbon, carbonizing agent, anthracite filter material. And sold all over the world.

Our target

Chinese raw material industry has come out vicious competition and price war long ago. Upon Low price, in order to get more profit, suppliers think out many strange methods. For example, they add something which very cheap but the appearance is very similar with the goods. No one can find any difference via appearance. The consequence is that clients get the goods and use in a common or bad effect. It is hard for client to get goods which have surprisingly good effect.

I wish I can change this phenomenon. I send 100% pure material to my customers without adding any counterfeit products. There is no truth without comparison. The future trend is that only honest people can do business. Let the fraud no place to hide. The company is not big, aiming at refinement, we make products with our heart, not many people, but professionalism, we wholeheartedly serve every customer.
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