Nanjing CUMET Tools International Co., Ltd.

The INGLAU Tools is a professional, rich experienced tools supplier in China. Back to 1990s when China just opened the door to the world and made reform politically and economically, we personally started tools business at that time. With our pioneer customers from Europe and America, we worked together with our local manufacturers. Most of them were used to be agricultural tool and machine factories at that time. We developed together many items and make improvements step by step up to the international standards. We gained the knowledge, experience and wide friendly cooperation with hundreds of manufacturers cross over China.

We focus on Resin Bonded / Coated / Vitrified Abrasives, Diamond Saw Blades, Circular Saw Blades, Drills and power/air tools etc since then and export them to Europe, America and Africa now. We make improvements and design new items for our customer. Our technicians go to visit factory regularly to check quality and look for new items. We search in very updated items so that our customers get to know the newest in the market. We try to check our products to very fine details. We have full records system of our products. Our Q. C. Will follow every step from production to delivery. Every item is inspected in our warehouse before loading to container. Our motto is "Never pass a mistake over abroad". Our staff members are responsible, devoted and diligent. We have good team spirit. We exchange our ideas suggestions regularly so that our work is well done and every member is respected and happy with his or her work.

With development of modern technology, rich resources of high educated young generation and stability of China, we believe that tools business will go to a new period. China still and will be your good partner country. We are looking forward that we chance to work with you. We hope you to achieve your success with our utmost best effort.

Yours sincerely

Team of The INGLAU Tools
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